The Young and Muslim Podcast Ep.91 Black in America: The Everyday Struggle


Asalaamu Alakum everybody! We are finally back!! It has been a while since we have been able to record for you in real time so we had to give you guys our updates on COVID-19, life in Quarantine, Ramadan 2020, and of course our opinions on all of the most recent events surrounding the Black Lives Matter movement in America.

The truth is, we are both Black men living in America, which means that the way we are looked at and profiled here is not favorable. All over the world we are looked at as lesser and as a threat and in this system that is ran by White Supremacy, we are a severe disadvantage and we are hurting. We are being hunted and killed by the occupying force called the police. We are being terrorized here in America, but from the outside view it may not seem as though that is the case. Propaganda is being used to make us seem violent and dangerous, but the reality is that we simply just want to live. We just want to live…

We hope that you not only enjoy this episode, but learn from it.

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