The Story of Prophet Hud (AS) & Destruction of ‘AD


Ād (Arabic: عَادٌ‎, Arab people ʿĀd) was an ancient tribe mentioned frequently in the Qurʾan.

ʿĀd is usually placed in Southern Arabia, in a location referred to as al-ʾAḥqāf (“the Sandy Plains,” or “the Wind-curved Sand-hills”). The tribe’s members, referred to as ʿĀdites, formed a prosperous nation until they were destroyed in a violent storm. According to Islamic tradition, the storm came after they had rejected the teachings of a Monotheistic prophet named Hud. ʿĀd is regarded as one of the original Arab tribes, the “lost Arabs”. Their capital may have been what is known as “Iram of the Pillars” in the Qurʾan although that may have been the name of a region or a people.

Speakers: Shaykh Belal Assad, Shaykh Shady alsuleiman, Mufti Ismael Menk


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