The Luminous Legacy of Malcolm X


The Autobiography of Malcolm X has long been studied and celebrated as the amazing account of triumph and transformation, inspiring millions of men and women around the world to seek out more information on the life of Malcolm X, who took on various names and characters in his short yet eventful life, culminating in his acceptance of Sunni Islam towards the final phase of his career. Malcolm’s experiences and acquaintances from the Muslim world have been little explored to uncover his spiritual growth and development in the Middle East, Africa and Europe prior to and immediately following his famous Hajj pilgrimage in 1964.

Malcolm X later to be known as El-Hajj Malik El-Shabbaz developed very close ties to major institutions and groups between 1964-1965 following his departure from the Nation of Islam, this film provides much needed insight and information into Malcolm’s friendships, interactions and connections to the Muslim world.


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