Remedying Our Self-Inflicted Wounds [Resurrection Podcast]


Joining host Dawud Walid was Al-Hajj Shakir Bakari Williams discussing remedies for some of the societal issues which currently plague the Blackamerican community. Issues that were discussed included the effects of white supremacy on the psyche of African Americans, Cardi B and #WAP, and the blueprint left for us by Malcolm X.

Shakir Bakari Williams was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan in 1966.
He accepted Islam in Washington DC in 1988. He completed a BA degree in Economics from Howard University in 1990 and a MA degree in Education from the University of Michigan in 2004. He has been an educator in school systems in Michigan, Maryland, and abroad in the United Arab Emirates. He has been active in the Islamic communities of Detroit, Michigan and the Washington DC metropolitan area.
He is authoring an upcoming book which analyzes the effects of white supremacy on psyche of the descendants of the enslaved Africans in America.


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