Judged [Short Film]


“When we as Muslims think about discrimination, we usually focus on external discrimination that are received from non-Muslims. For this film though, we wanted to focus on internal discrimination — discrimination that Muslims have against each other. The point of focus for this concept was the hijjab, and the different prejudices revolving around Muslim girls who do wear the hijjab and Muslim girls who do not. It is very important to clarify that we are not stating a position on the hijjab, or creating a non-hijabbi vs. hijabbi atmosphere, but more so trying to highlight how quickly Muslim girls are judged by their outer appearances. We hope that this movie will spark conversation and discussion about the various discriminations that occur within our own muslim communities, hopefully starting a movement to get rid of them inshAllah. It seems as we judge and discriminate, we dim the light of Allah that all of us are seeking, causing schisms in our communities that we could do without.”

Directed/Edited By Tarlok Singh
Written/Produced By Naureen Syed


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