“How I Learned Arabic” – Mufti Muhammad Ibn Muneer


Many have the misconception that the Arabic language can only be learned by going to Egypt, Saudia, Sudan or any other Arabic speaking country.

Matter of fact sometimes it might even be worse to travel to one of these countries to learn the Arabic language for multiple reasons. In this video Muhammad (Founder of Andalusinstitute.com) interviews Mufti Muhammad Muneer on how he learned Arabic.

On this interview Mufti responds to these subjects:
– What was the turning point that made you say “I want to learn the Arabic language”.
– The method you used.
– His Arabic teachers
– What was your level before you got to Saudi Arabia?
– The story of the meeting with the sister who’s older sister wanted to marry Mufti
– What would a lesson look like when studying with your teacher?
– What was the timeframe from you learning random vocabulary to the point where everything clicked and you was able to start building sentences and understand correctly
– What would your advice for someone who knows how amazing and how important it is to learn Arabic, however, he/she haven’t started yet?

Fluency can be gained anywhere, so long as you are hungry enough to do what it takes to reach that goal, as Mufti emphasizes. I highly recommend you if you’re serious about learning the Arabic language to go ahead and watch this interview with Mufti Muhammad Muneer, who expands on this and tells us of his journey in learning the Arabic language and the style of learning which goes hand in hand with our principles at Andalus Institute.
This was all whilst he was living in the West with responsibilities piling up like the situation many of you are in. He talks walks us through how he managed to cope and progress until a single moment got him to realize that everything had come together and all of that hard work had paid off with fluency in the Arabic language achieved. This euphoria is what will be felt and achieved by those who follow the calculated steps in our program. You must crave the idea of being fluent in Arabic and enter the journey wholeheartedly.


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