“Free-Mixing Leads To Sex?!” – Baraka Boys Podcast (Season 2, Ep.2)


DISCLAIMER: This episode contains a discussion around the topics of sex and pornography. These are hugely important topics which must be discussed, however we understand some parents and children may be watching who aren’t quite ready to have that chat. The conversation on these topics begins after the one hour mark.

Gender segregation is one of those things that just seems to be a given for Muslim events, but is it really necessary? Is it something that our religion expects from us, and what does the term “free mixing” mean (does it even exist in the Islamic tradition)? We unpack this and more, as we explore how these attitudes towards relationships between men and women adversely affect our social skills, make finding a spouse tricky, and have so many knock on effects on how we function as a community of men and women. We also explore the shame and taboo surrounding sex and intimacy, and how the Prophetic example can guide us through these topics. 

This season we’re taking the podcast to a whole new level. You can watch this episode over on the brand new Baraka Boys YouTube channel. The podcast is also now available as an audio podcast on Spotify, and Apple Podcasts. 

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