A Live Discussion Between Ustadh Abdulrahman Hassan & Ustadh Muhammad Tim Humble


The 21st Century has given birth to more ideological attacks on the religion of Islam than any other period of time in the history of mankind. The internet is a minefield of information and the advent of technology has propelled these attacks to unsuspecting eyes and ears across the globe. Baseless claims originated by non-Muslim orientalists are sadly creeping into the minds of Muslims. Join Ustadh Abdulrahman Hassan and Ustadh Muhammad Tim Humble live on Sunday 5th July at 7pm (BST) for a captivating discussion on how to navigate through a world full of doubts, trials & tribulations.

0:00 – Introduction
1:55 – Broad methodology to overcome doubts
7:00 – Don’t expose yourself to doubts
15:20 – A beneficial experience from the University of Madinah
16:40 – How to deal with doubts
22:25 – Qur’anic guidelines for dealing with doubts
36:00 – It’s okay if you don’t know everything
43:09 – Respond in the way that is best
45:10 – The presence of doubts can also bring about good
51:15 – Some people just don’t want to know the truth
53:15 – Sources of doubts
1:00:00 – Allah will help you in beautiful ways
1:03:40 – More methods to deal with doubts
1:09:10 – How can we learn Islam when there are so many doubts?
1:12:30 – Every doubt has two responses
1:18:00 – How important is it for the du’aat to learn Western ideologies?
1:25:26 – The importance of going back to the scholars
1:26:40 – How to deal with doubts in prayer (salah)?
1:29:20 – How to acquire certainty (yaqeen)?
1:35:36 – How to debate with disbelievers or people of innovation?
1:38:12 – The dangers of Hyde Park ‘debates’
1:49:10 – Does learning worldly education increase doubts in a person?
1:53:50 – If somebody is struggling to remove doubts, does it mean he is not sincere?
1:58:40 – Differences of opinion in Islam
2:03:10 – Don’t learn Islam from the outside
2:05:30 – The importance of learning your religion before debating
2:08:00 – Conclusion


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